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The primary source of funding for NSCFPD is the real property taxes paid by all property owners within this service area.  Currently, 19.2% of all property taxes collected are allocated to fire protection by Sonona County.  Of this allocation from propery tax funds, only 40% was actually returned to the local fire departments prior to district formation.  With the creation of the NSCFPD, more of the property tax allocation for fire protection comes back to the district, but roughly 47% of the funds are still lost to ERAF.

The tax revenues allocated for the benefit of fire services in the district are used to provide the following:

  1. An annual contract with CAL FIRE provides not less than two officers on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis and provides the staffing of the fire equipment located at the South Station. This contract also provides for the maintenance of all fire equipment located at all of the district stations. Additionally, CAL FIRE is also responsible for providing training to the volunteer fire fighters.
  2. The acquisition of all fire and emergency services engines, rescue vehicles and other support vehicles.
  3. The acquisition of much of the equipment needed by NSCFPD to support their fire and emergency response activities. This includes but is not limited to medical response equipment, vehicle accident response equipment and other related supplies.
  4. The use of the South Station for the purpose of housing at least two fire and/or emergency response vehicles and the contracted CAL FIRE personnel.
  5. General operational expenses for the fire department.

TSRVFD, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(4) public benefit corporation and is the owner of the North Fire Station. TSRVFD obtains all of its funding through charitable donations, much of which is received from the annual Memorial Weekend picnic or from donations received in response to the annual newsletter. TSRVFD also has an annual sale of Christmas trees, the net proceeds of which as used to fund education scholarships as well as other department expenses.

TSRVFD uses the funding that it receives for the following purposes:

  1. Maintenance and operation of the North Fire Station.
  2. The purchase of specialized fire or emergency response equipment and supplies

Chief's Corner

  • Chief's Message

    Our hearts go out to those who lost lives or property in the firestorms that hit in October.  North Sonoma Coast was proud to be part of the response during that time, with E4471 deployed for 16...

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The 2017 burn suspension was lifted on November 14, 2017; click here for details.  Call 707-565-BURN (565-2876) for more information. Click here to see burn districts. NSCFPD is in the Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District (NSCAPCD). See FAQ page for more burn information.

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Position available for those who are willing to be awakened in early hours from sound sleep to run out of their homes in the most inclement weather, to face an hour or more of exhausting, hazardous, physically demanding labor in a heavily insulated, poorly ventilated, unfashionable outfit.  Interested? 

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